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In 2019 reports have already assessed Pakistan as more corrupt than before, Two of the eight international organizations, which contribute to the assessment of Transparency International’s annual global report on corruption.

 Corruption Perception Index (CPI) reported that they had raised many eyebrows here amid the fears that it may lead to Pakistan losing its position in the next annual, report expected to be released from Berlin, Germany in February 2020.

According to a source associated with an organization working to check corruption, Transparency International would consider the World Economic Forum’s (WEF) recent report on the rise in corruption in Pakistan while assessing the country’s efforts to check corruption in its next CPI report.

Pakistan’s ranking in the corruption index of the WEF’s recent report slipped from 99 to 101. The ranking dropped as more corruption-related cases were registered. Before the WEF’s assessment, the World Justice Project in its “Rule of Law Index 2019 Insights” assessed Pakistan to have lost one position in 2019 as opposed to 2018.

Transparency International globally uses 13 different data sources to construct the Corruption Perceptions Index. However, in Pakistan’s case, surveys from at least eight international organizations were considered. 

These include Bertelsmann Stiftung Transformation Index, Economist Intelligence Unit Country Risk Service, Global Insight Country Risk Ratings, IMD World Competitiveness Center World Competitiveness Yearbook Executive Opinion Survey, World Bank Country Policy and Institutional Assessment, WEF Executive Opinion Survey, World Justice Project Rule of Law Index, and Varieties of Democracy.

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The source said two of the eight organizations in their surveys have already reduced Pakistan’s scores, which indicated that corruption in the country had increased.