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Pakistan Beats Hindustan in Asian 4G Speed Ranking: In Our Pakistan everyone blame  the internet for being very slow (Specifically if you use a certain Infamous ISP) But our People still don’t know that our internet speed is still ranked above Hindustan in terms of 4G internet Speed.

The recent report by Open-signal, The wireless Internet firm from United Kingdom, Sheds light on the state of 4G Asia. The recent report also includes Australia & the new Zealand with other Asian Countries.

Pakistan Beats India in Asian 4G Speed Ranking

Everyone  may not believe that Pakistan is making it above the likes of Hindustan (6 MBPS) in the terms of internet speed, Despite launching 4G years before Pakistan. At the Average speed of 13 MBPS. We are not Absolutely there yet, Although we are still making  Astronomical headway in  4G connectivity compared to India.

Pakistan was with Cambodia & Sri lanka  both of which were averaged 13 Mbps as well. 

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Other Countries

The fastest Speed Internet was ranked in Singapore, At a Blazing fast 44 Mbps. The world Second Fastest Speed Internet was Ranked in South Korea. The world 3rd speed internet 40, 36, 33 Mbps was ranked in New Zealand and  Australia.

In Taiwan the Speed of internet is 26 Mbps and Japan might not be  in the Dominant 5 Although the speed of internet is 25.39 Mbps.

In Vietnam the Speed of Internet is 21.49 Mbps. While going below the 15  Mbps level. The speed of internet in Malaysia and  Sri Lanka is 14 Mbps.

The Speed of internet in Cambodia and Pakistan is 13 Mbps. The speed of internet in Thailand and Indonesia, India or Philippines is 6 Mbps.