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In memory of the saints of the shocking Armed force Open School (APS) Peshawar assault in 2014, Pakistan is watching a Dark Day today.

On this day, the foes of the nation weak assaulted APS Peshawar, martyring 144 understudies and instructors.

The teary-eyed final supplications of the youthful understudies are still carved within the recollections of their individual understudies and everybody over the nation.

The misfortune of the guardians is unfathomablein any case, the occurrence has joined together us all against all shapes of extremism.

Since at that point, Pakistan has indented up its endeavors to cancel radicals and it may be a more secure put than ever some time recently.

Tourism is on the rise and so is the financial action, which highlights the country’s resolve to control all shapes of fear-mongering no matter the cost.

Twitter is overwhelmed with messages of cherish and recognition for all those who misplaced their lives to the fiendish of psychological warfare 5 a long time prior.

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