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This Pakistani Ad about the Importance of Family Will Make You Cry: Today, I was browsing Facebook and came across an advertisement by that left me with tears of joy that is really hard feeling to express them.

Sure, we live in the 21st Century. It is said and unavoidable fact of life that these days’ people do not get enough time for their family, especially in a state like Pakistan. Most of the times we are so pre-occupied with providing for our families that we forget to spend time with them. We regret at that time when someone leaves us and we regret why we don’t spend time with him/her.

I am not saying that we should entirely blame. But it is hard to make living for yourself if you don’t take an opportunity to get secured in the future. But don’t you think that this really make our families feel any better, does it?

I understand that money is really important to have happy family. But it is extremely important for one to spend quality time with his/her family. It’s like we go for jobs or study and when returns to home we go with friends to watch movies or do some other sorts of things and we never spend time with family, which results in very unhappy life.

This is why I do live this ads by well Zameen has the top digital marketers that they know that Human beings are emotional not logical and they used this ads in Facebook and already hit millions of views and this ads really performed well, Anyways apart from this ad it is really of course true story comparing to now-a-days.

In the ad, a man Fawad Khan who is planning the man rule in this ad he spent his entire time working on projects and is not able to give his family the type of life they deserved. But then of course he realizes that none of these things matter more than his family happiness and he gets returned to his family and enjoy his life and moments with his kid in the Birthday.

It is probably powerful ads, one with an excellent message for all of us.

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