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Pakistani Girls Launch a COVID, Hafsa Usmani and Rida Shoaib are two Pakistani girls who have worked hard together in order to create a coronavirus Dashboard which provides the latest updates on the spread of Pandemic from around the Globe.

Covid19 Tracker

The name of the dashboard is Covid19 Tracker It allows users the option to view the information in more than 100 Languages.

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Hafsa Rida Qualifications

Hafsa is a graduate of FAST-NU and Masters in Computer Science, And she has designed and programmed the Covid19 Tracker.

Along with Hafsa, it was co-developed by Rida Shoaib Plus the Data source research and testing have been done by Rida, Rida has Done MBA from the Lahore School of Economics.

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Covid19 Tracker Updates

Pakistani Girls Launch a COVID, Plus The Updates of Covid 19 Tracker is updated daily with Data from Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center.

Hafsa said that;

The motivation for the launch of Covid 19 Tracker comes from the fact that widespread misinformation during a Pandemic can result in harmful in all places.

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Rida also stated that;

“Therefore, we took it upon ourselves to offer authentic updates on the number of confirmed cases and deaths due to Coronavirus globally in nearly every major language spoken around the world,”

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