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Syed Ahmed Chan Bukhari is an Electrical and Electronics Engineering’s (IEEE) Technology Has Won an Innovation Award for his work in the standardization of biomedical data.

Syed Ahmed Chan Bukhari, a US-based Pakistani professor who is right now serving as Program Executive Healthcare Informatics at the Holy person John’s College of Unused York, hails from Gujrat, Pakistan.

History Of Syed Ahmed Chan Bukhari

Teacher Bukhari instructed Computer Science at the College of Gujrat from 2008 to 2010. He at that point moved overseas for higher ponders where he completed his Ph.D. in Computer Science from the College of Unused Brunswick, Canada.

Dr. Bukhari, who has too served in prestigious colleges like Yale and Stanford, was pleased to urge acknowledgment from an eminent organization.

His achievement was moreover recognized by the Dignitary and Recognized Chair of the Lesley H. and William L. Collins College of Proficient Considers, a backup of St. Johns.

Katia Passerini says that amid his to begin with a couple of months, Dr. Chan has as of now made gigantic strides within the healthcare data and information science.

I am thankful to the IEEE for honoring me with this grant. To be recognized by such a prestigious organization is both an honor and a incredible responsibility, In a brief time since joining St. John’s College, Dr. Bukhari has as of now locked in understudies in investigate exercises and distributed four competitive articles,” Dr. Passerini added.

Talking of his plans at St. Johns, Dr. Bukhari said he needed to make and develop a research culture at the varsity within the field of healthcare information.

need them to find and design modern things. That’s my inspiration.

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