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Pakistani Restaurant in US is Giving Free Food to the Homeless: Hello everyone today i am going to share one of the Best Pakistani Restaurant in the US that provides free food to the Homeless People. In the street of Washington down  in the North-west. The owner of this Restaurant is Kazi Mannan he offers free meals to People who are homeless. Mr Kazi Mannan is a Pakistani he was bron in Muslim American, Mr Kazi Mannan  aim is that to help the Poor families.

Pakistani Restaurant in US is Giving Free Food to the Homeless

Pakistani Restaurant in the US is Giving Free Food to the Homeless


From Humble Beginnings

Mr Kazi mannan was Born in a very small village called as Kuri Shareef in Pakistan. He was facing a lots of Problems while he was growing Up, Such as No running Water, No Education And No electricity but he was having a large family to support him, One day Mr Kazi mannan decided to get out of the Pakistan and Explore the new Opportunities.

From Humble Beginnings

When he wished to go America in his Pocket he was having only $3 dollar, So he started his work as Cashier at Working station, He was working in one week 7 days. He was taking two shifts, and he was burning the oil 16 hours peer day.

Mr Kazi Mannan said that, He used to see his mother that how she cooks food. Even-though when we were poor, My mother would share the food with our Neighbors.

My mother would always inspired me, She wished that my son could have a restaurant of his own and Feed those who are homeless People.

Mr Said that, I could pray to God that If ever had a restaurant, I will announce in the First day that anyone who is poor they are welcome to my Restaurant, He said to god that if they comes to my restaurant a hundreds time, I will never ever say no to them.

 After some time, Mr Kazi found an Opportunity to take over a restaurant. He wished to build it by himself.

“I introduced myself and said, ‘This is your restaurant.’ A lot of them thought it was a trick, he says. ‘I told them, believe me, till I am alive and I own this restaurant, you are my guests, like a paying guest.’


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