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Pakistani Students Develop a Kit, Two Pakistani Students of Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute (GIKI) have Developed a Device with the Help of Artificial Intelligence that can identify the Patience of Coronavirus within 20 seconds.

Behind this invention, there are two masterminds of Gulam Ishaq Khan Institute Mohammad Aleem And Rahul Raj.

They have said that the shortage of testing kits and long waiting time after the test Motivated them to turn to technology during growing coronavirus cases across the world.

This AI device is a timely diagnosis will allow the doctors to start as soon as possible the Protection and treatment process of COVID-19 Patient quickly.

Pakistani Students Develop a Kit Plus with the help of this kit, It can lessen the danger of cross-infection to a huge extent.

How The Device Works

The AI-powered device uses computed tomography (CT) scan of lungs to Find COVID-19, It was Developed By GIKI students To showcases instantly.

furthermore, The Device can also identify the main location effect, and seriousness of the damage inflicted on the lungs because of Coronavirus.

One of the good things about the device is that it can perform investigations on CT scans and tell whether a patient has been infected with Coronavirus or not in Just 20 seconds with 92% accuracy.

Price Of CT Scans In Pakistan

The AI-powered device depends on CT scans in order to identify the illness, A CT scan costs somewhere between Rs.5000 To 10,000 In Pakistan.

The Price of a CT scan is the biggest obstacle to mass the production of the AI-powered device.

One thing that is so great about this AI device is that the more data the AI-based Machine processes the more accurate it will become with the help of Time.

Requesting Funds From the Government

The Students have requested the Government of Pakistan to provide them sufficient resources and funds so they can move towards the Mass Production of the Device.

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