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Pakistani e-sports experts are beginning to create a title for themselves and for their nation, Taking after Arslan Ash’s victory at the worldwide arrange, two unused stars have risen: Atif Butt from Gujranwala and Awais Nectar from Lahore.

Despite confronting bounty of issues in getting a visa and after that being held at the air terminal, the two developing stars beat Tekken players from the world with ease as they made their way to the ultimate of the Tokyo Tekken Experts.

The occasion took put at NAMCO Future Investigate Established in Tokyo. The all-Pakistan last highlights the ability had by these Tekken 7 players.

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It was their first-ever universal occasion and qualifying for the ultimate talks volumes almost their capacities. Atif Butt got his hands on the winning prize of $5,500 through the runners-up, Awais Nectar strolled absent with $2,700.

Earlier, both Nectar and Butt were denied visa for the Philippines for what would have been there to begin with worldwide visit.

The two have been huge names within the neighborhood e-gaming community, having beaten the EVO 2019 winner, Arslan Cinder, in nearby tournaments.

The Pakistani trio of Tekken players has shaken the e-sports field as earlier to their individual make a big appearance competitions, and no one was mindful of their ability.

Hailing from Punjab, Pakistani champs utilized to play offline, sharpening their aptitudes by so much that they were ignorant of how distant ahead they were compared to their universal rivals.

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