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Similar to Pakistan, Turkey is facing an economic crisis as well. The country’s currency is rapidly loosing its value against the US dollar as the country continues its diplomatic spat with the US.

Imran Khan, Prime Minister Pakistan, has recently supported the turkey’s stance against the USA via a tweet. Turkey is of course facing an economy crisis due to the US sanction and which is considering the Trump’s foreign policy it seems that this might go for a very long time.

The Pakistani public has of course shown their respect and support for Turkey, social media users from Pakistan have launched a campaign where they are calling all the Pakistanis to buy the Turkish products and their currency – Lira.

Pakistani Twitterati is encouraging their countrymen to support the Turks in their hard times of need since they are fighting sanctions imposed by the USA.

“In the early 1920s, Muslim of the sub-continent stood by Turkish brothers when they were in trouble, and now after 100 years we will again stand by our Turkish brothers and sisters,” a Twitter user stressed.

The Political commentators from all over the country have also suggested the nation to invest more in the Turkey products and help support them against the Washington.

Turkey and USA currently spoil in an economic argument because the Ankara entenced an American pastor Andrew Craig Brunson for two years in the prison on terror charges. Trump advice Erdogan on Twitter to release the American and described the American’s capture as “a total disgrace”.

Brunson, who was living in Turkey for over 20 years, who was working with Gulen’s network, who is indeed one of the popular religious scholar in Turkey, and which banned the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK), a party which both the USA and Turkey labeled as “terrorist”. Muhammad Fethullah Gulen who was once the supporter of Erdogan and helped him come to the power in the country, however, the political differences increased and Gulen has been on a self-imposed exile since Erdogan’s Turkey did not follow Gulen’s beliefs.

Gulen is now currently residing in the US and Erdogan has been asking the American government to hand over him to the Turkish authorities.

Tayyip Erdogan announced that the Turkey will be boycotting all of the American products, while anti-US sentiments have also been on the high rise in Pakistan especially since the start of 2018 because of the Donald Trump’s tweet where he accused Pakistan of facilitating and providing sanctuaries to Taliban against the American troops.