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Pakistan’s First Ever Space Satellites Became Operational on 14th August 2018: Pakistan definitely Launched the First Remote Sensing Satellite Press-1 And Pakistan’s Domestic feature technology Calculation Satellite PakTES-1A on Tuesday 14 August 2018.

China And Pakistan Signed an Agreement In 2016 for the fire of Special Remote sensing Satellite. The desire of the Agreement were to Monitor the Growing Pakistan-China Economic corridor.


The 1st Two Satellite were Launched from Jiuguan Satellite Launch center in China On Nine July  and become Useful On 14 August. It has been acknowledge that the control of satellites was transferred from Chine  to ground control stations in Pakistan.

The Awesome and Proud Moment cloud not have come on a Best Day, The 14th August 2018 decided the first official days for Pakistani satellites in the Space. The president of Pakistan Mamnoon Hussain and Provisional Minister of Pakistan Nasirul Mulk Welcome & Exalted the efforts of Pakistani Engineers at the Superco Who were behind the Outstanding and Successful satellite launch. He Said that the recent feat by the Space engineers will be also enable the country in Horticulture the Classification & Assessment.


It was more revealed that Press-1, Weighing 1,200Kg. The 285 kg Paktes-1A shill become operational at an Altitude of 640Km & 610 km Commonly.

The Paktes-1A is Ingenuously  construct and Describe, Developed by SUPERCO’s Engineers. 


The Ministry further Unveiled That PakTES-1A is a 285 Kilo Gram Satellite Furnished with an Optical Payload Comparable with National needs. It has a design life   of  three years & it will opperate at an Altitude of 610 Kilo gram.

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