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Pizza Point: One of the most delicious pizza in the entire Quetta, I love the fact that this pizza point is one of my favorite in Satellite Town Quetta.

Pizza Point is not only the place where you can only order the pizzas but of course there are tons of other types of delicious fast food that can give you much more taste in your meal.

Pizza Point is a place where you can hang out with your friends and enjoy the best time with your colleagues, family and friends. There are tons of tables and chairs where you can easily sit and enjoy your pizza or fries or it might be burgers and rolls.

There are different varieties of pizzas in the Pizza Point Satellite Town Quetta but some of the best delicious pizza flavors are Fajita Pizza and Bar B Q Pizza (BBQ Pizza).

Well, I am sharing this information because I love their Pizza I am not getting paid for it, I am just sharing what I love, if you are living in Quetta and want to taste something new. You must go for Pizza Point and leave your comments in this site, let us know what you love about Pizza Point.

If you are living in Satellite Town Block #3 #2 etc you can order or call them to deliver your pizza at your door steps.


Order Your Pizza Now => 081 – 2442830

Owner of Pizza Point => 03074718885

Pizza Point Satellite Town Quetta

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