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Pakistan Media transmission Specialist (PTA) has blocked/processed a add up to of 933,775 URLs so distant related to questionable or obscene pictureswritings, and recordings on the internet.

According to information accessible from PTA,

The specialist has blocked URLs containing questionable materials beneath the taking after categories:

  • Judiciary – 6182,
  • Anti-State – 13175,
  • Blasphemy – 53654,
  • Defamatory/Impersonation – 2915,
  • Misc – 4633,
  • Pornography – 831,674,
  • Proxy – 10196
  • Sectarian/Hate Speech – 11346

Under section 37 of PECA, PTA has the powers to remove or block any information system under the following categories;

(a) Blasphemy (against the glory of Islam)

(b) Anti-state (against integrity, security or defense of Pakistan)

(c) Public Order

(d) Contempt of Court

(e) Pornography (against decency and morality)

(f) Incitement of any offense under provisions of PECA 39.

PTA has built up a directorate “Web Investigation Directorate” to assess complaints gotten from distinctive quarters and the common open and piece shocking fabric over the web.

For the common open to report frightful substance, a Call Middle has been built up by PTA bolstered by toll-free number 080055055, shortcode 8866 for SMS, landline 051-9207059, and by means of a web frame accessible on PTA site.

In this respect, so distant 933,775 joins have been banned get to from Pakistan, The government has proclaimed the Anticipation of Electronic Wrongdoing Act (PECA) in 2016, to address such online illegal exercises.

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