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Illegal Smuggled Mobile Phones to be Block After October 20th (PTA): The end of the Device Identification phase and registration & blocking system (DIRBS) has recently begin to start on 20th October 2018, said the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in a statement.

The authority has said in the report that this latest system would easily obsolete the illegal imports, it will automatically facilitate legitimate device importers, and the mobile device users, and will also improve the overall security situations.

PTA has said in the report that devices which as SIM/IMEI functionality operating in Pakistan mobile networks won’t face any sort of services interruptions but those who don’t has these requirements would not be able to access networks and other services and will be blocked by DIRBS.

  • Any mobile device that replies to your message which is sent to PTA messaging your IMEI number, if it reflects non-compliant status after 20th October 2018 will be blocked as per Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA/DIRBS regulations.


In order to inform all the public the PTA is sending informatory SMS to all the mobile subscribers to know the status of his/her mobile devices in the use.

All the mobile users can easily verify their status of mobile device’s IMEI(s) by sending his/her IMEI number via SMS to 8484, on the website: or by download DIRBS Android App from Google Play Store.

There are 4 major categories that can be received by a subscriber who is inquiring the status of his/her IMEI(s) as explained:

  • Complaint Devices: These devices are PTA approved and imported legally within Pakistan.
  • Valid Devices: These types of devices which are IMEI of mobile device is valid (GSMA Approved), however these are not PTA complaint/approved. To help these types of devices, PTA will auto register these IMEIs before 20th Oct 2018. For auto registration one must send SMS or make any call or use the mobile internet before 20th October 2018.
  • Non-Complaint: These types of devices which are not either allocated by GSMA or it are duplicated. To help out these types of devices PTA will auto pair such IMEIs before 20th October 2018.
  • Blocked Devices: These types of devices that indicates IMEI is blocked as this IMEI has been reported or stolen earlier.

It is well advised that all the mobile devices owners/users should and must verify their IMEI by sending an SMS to 8484 before buying/obtaining any handset.

It is also advised to only purchase or buy PTA complaint/approved mobile devices.

For further details, mobile phone users can also visit PTA website (

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