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The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) chairman said that PTA will take stern action if any Smartphone company raises tariff without following laid down mechanism.

On Monday the senate standing committee on information tech and telecommunication observed that,

There was a piece of news that Smartphone companies had heightened the tariffs after the restoration of Taxes by the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

The screenshots of the Pakistan telecommunication authority website indicating tariff raises are being displayed on Social media.

The senator Rubina Khalid also observed that 1000 of smartphones are being smuggled through the same IMEI numbers, responding to committee members concern.

Muhammad Naveed the chairman of Pakistan Telecommunication Authority said tariffs were being heightened through a proper mechanism. After discussions, no tariffs have been raised.

After that restoration of taxes by the supreme court of Pakistan the consumer got air time of Rs 60 on the card of Rs 100.

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The consumers are feeling that SMS and voice call tariffs have been heightened but actually, this is not reality.

The senator Rubina Khalid said that there were companies of rumors which needed to be eliminated, there are many rumors surfaced about the anti-polio campaign as well.

The committee on Monday also reviewed the import duty on Smartphones.

Further, the committee was informed that there were only 15 investigators in the cyber crime wing of FIA (Federal Investigation Agency) to deal with more than 28,000 cases.

It was revealed that the Federal investigation Agency cyber crime cell consists of 114 people, Though only 15 cyber investigators are present.

The committee chairperson said more than 28,000 inquiries are presently in the cell and how only 15 officials can handle them.

The committee said to Federal Investigators Agency that the Senate has forwarded its order for the cyber crime cell,

And the Authorities has been asked for present a report on the implementation of those orders in the upcoming meeting.