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PTCL supports Coronavirus, Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) is at the most Important Position to Provide support to coronavirus affected Families in Sukkur in the shape of Package comprising of ration, Naan, Medicines, Protective all during the first stage.

The company of PTCL will see the situation of Pakistan in case of Arises of coronavirus in Pakistan they will continue with there hard work and extend support in different cities across all Cities of Pakistan.

The President and CEO Of PTCL Company Rashid Khan Added some More lines for those affected People Of Pakistan he said that;

PTCL supports Coronavirus and Their Thoughts;

“There is a dire need for companies and individuals to come forward and play their role to support those infected with this life-threatening virus. Being a national company, we stand with the nation during these tough times and will continue to support in our humble capacity ”.

The Administration also takes Pleasure in taking proactive energetic Measures for well being of its employees, Customers, and People Of Country Pakistan.

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