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PUBG Corp’s following huge ventureIntroduction, was disclosed amid The Amusement Grants 2019 final week.

The diversion was prodded in a 30-second mystery that doesn’t uncover much but does grant an indication of what to expect.

The mystery begins off in foreboding timberland amid an overwhelming rainstorm. The mysterious hero worriedly looks the environment as the sounds of woofing pooches draws closer. The scene cuts off fair sometime recently the hero turns and looks behind, giving self-evident horror/thriller survival diversion vibes.

This Not Related To PUBG

Brendan Greene, maker of PUBG and extend head for Preamble has uncovered that the diversion is in no way related to PUBG and isn’t indeed a shooter. He and his engineer group have been working on Preface for 9 months and it’ll be very a little time sometime recently they’re prepared to uncover something modern.

Typically the primary step within the travel for me. We set up the studio and established it with the objective of testing with new technology. Presently we’re taking that, to begin with, a step towards building modern advances, and Introduction is the primary step into the unused world for us. I needed the chance to convey something unused on a worldwide scale.

Ambitious Project

With Prologue, Greene is hoping to create a large scale world that spans hundreds of kilometers with thousands of people roaming everywhere. Such a dream, of course, is not easy to achieve and the team is still working on figuring things out.

Needless to say, Prologue is still in its early stages and won’t be coming anytime soon.

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