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Quettawaly: Quettawaly is a platform founded in December 2018. The main motivation behind creating this platform is to show the positive side of Balochistan.

In the starting, there were different things circulated in our mind about showing effective personalities, beautiful places, culture and the actual life of Baluchistan.

In the current times, there are different misguided conceptions occurs among the people of other cities and countries.

So we started featuring all the effective personalities of Baluchistan that have done something extraordinary for its country, but they are still neglected able and unidentified.

In the meantime, we started our Facebook page for getting the live response from our community.

In the same time, we realized that there are different other peoples who are working very well in their daily life and they are heroes in their family. So, we decided to feature them as well.

The idea of featuring the daily life heroes clicked well in the community and we after some time get a huge amount of positive reviews.

These reviews motivated other normal day heroes as well.

And they also approached quettawaly for featuring them too. We regularly receive messages on our facebook page about featuring them.

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There are different other people are unknown to the quettawaly team as well, and they came to know about them by writing an article on them.

This is the time when we realized that quettawaly needs some high-level identification.

The team came with an idea to create a  mobile application so we created an application as well.

The community again appreciated our work, and we are now the only who are portraying personalities, talents, artists, places of Balochistan, and also owns a mobile app.

The Android Application got more than 50 downloads within the first week which was an outstanding achievement for us.

The platform is going very good with the passage of time and currently, we have more than 7500 facebook community.

There are different another thing we are working on for the future.