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Raadeyah Aamir is a 12-year-old female from Karachi, Pakistan. She is studying in 8th class at the British Overseas School, Karachi.

The passion of studying all about space is in her blood since the start and passion are becoming into reality very soon.

The wish of studying more deeply in an experienced surrounding will be happening soon as she is traveling to NASA Kennedy space center Orlando,

Florida from the Karachi International Airport on 16 of February.

This young girl is selected for a one-week program which includes all the main training for next-generation Astronaut training experience.

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In this once in a lifetime opportunity, the girl will get the chance to train as the next generation of space explorer in the astronaut training experience.

The training session she is attending includes land, walk and drive on mars through the latest virtual and motion simulation,

and it is also been said that she will experience the microgravity spacewalk as well.

Besides that, she will also experience in the internship program for a living and work on mars for the day at the center’s mars base and all other opportunities are included in it.

Young Girl

The young girl is very excited for her space journey and she further said that,

“I am very much interested in Space Exploration and glittering stars in the galaxy. I want my country people to pray for my success in this regard”

Headquartered in Washington DC, the National Aeronautics and space administration (NASA) is an independent agency of the US government;

they are responsible for the civilian space program and also the aeronautics and aerospace research.

The one-week internship program would be the best part of her life as she will explore many things which other passionate are dreaming about.

We wish her the best of luck and would pray that she will be the next from Pakistan to travel to space in reality.