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Relationship between Husband and Wife: Today we will be talking about a very Amazing and that topic is about husband and Wife relationship Myself think that a lot of People have a lot to learn because what happens is life is Full learning even-though if we don’t learn we shill not be able to lead our life that is fruitful all of us as we grow & Whilst we are smart young and Still growing we had a lots of dream and the dream is one day i shill get Married,

Relationship between Husband and Wife

One day i shill do this you know if it’s a female she could say one day She shill marry such and such a great of mine and the male shill say well one day i shill have the Princess and this what shill happen and that is the type of Person in this world.

We need to know that this entire thought needs to be harnessed  & we should think very carefully what type of a person we wish to marry the reason is that decision shill Determine.

The rest of our lives weather we shill Spend a life of Happiness. and a Life of doom the Decisions of our marriage are by the far the most important decisions that anyone would make within one’s.

And Even-though for the rest of life, It is very important for our life that to know what the Prophet Muhammad May (Peace be Upon him ) Teaches us, Regarding making this Choice firstly He sees that a Lady can be married for some reasons some of these reasons are,

She can either be married for her Wealth and some People look at wealth wow wealthy family let me get married with her and Sometimes they look at the status in Society wow they know good lineage shill and,

Should i say high status in Society Prestigious people let me get Married with her Sometimes they look at the looks this Person is very Awesome looking very Pretty Girl you know a very handsome man let me get married with him.

And there are something that people look at which is Religion, character, Conduct so the Prophet says become Successful by Selecting the one who has a Religion character,

  Conduct and that’s way the Last Prophet May (Peace be Upon him) says When someone comes to you with a Proposal and you are happy with their level of character and Conduct as well as a religion,

Then do not disagree, Deny them let them to get Married to your daughter even if you don’t allow them there may be lots of fitna, fasad.

What is Fitna and Fasad on earth

Fitna mean corruption, Problem, Disruptions, Difficulties, Calamities so may other things can happen.

So this is the teaching of Mohammad made peace be upon him we need not to reject Proposals without any reason some people shill Reject It’s only because they had been a Problem with Someone solely because they had one raw with they were wrong.

And their daughter has to suffer the son has to suffer they lose out on good Proposals as we all know today to get a great Person to marry is like hunting for a Needle in a Haystack Perhaps not as difficult as that but for a lots of People it may be just that and it is a very very risky because sometimes,

We have picked up part of the lay and we think it’s a needle and the same way we think we have a great man and a good wife and it only turns out later on that they are not as good as we thought they were so it’s important for us once we have made the decision each one of us would be.

The aim of our lives would be to Please our maker  to Please our creator we need to be Constantly conscious of that if that is the case we shill be able to lead a happy life if my main aim is to Please my creator my religion teaches me to be the great person to be the best husband to be the best wife to be good in character.

Especially today in the age of television in the age of the internet when the people are watching others live sometimes even-though on the box and they see that how you know happy others might be that they tend wrongly to compare it is wrong to compare it is in fact almost detriment-alto compare your marriage to those who might appear to you to be happier than us.

Relationship between Husband and Wife

But people are doing it and When they do this at least we need to know let us try our best to develop such a solid religion.

that they can discuss Things with us Openly in a respectful manner look this is where you are making a mistake this is where I think you need and don’t feel bad about it take it some men think that we don’t want to be corrected in the same applies to some Females and this is a husband and wife we are supposed to be the closest and

Yet we can’t even-though communicate if that is the case we are wrong we then have husbands who threaten and Continue to threaten what do they say no no no if you tell me this I am going to send you home what type of a relation to expected she has a right to highlight it,

And you need to think about it this is the closest person to you telling you that I think you need attention and even if they are really thinking that then you are probably do need that attention all you need to engage them in discussion and convince them why you don’t need that but you don’t just dish out commands I don’t even-though have time, I don’t have time to talk to you, I don’t have time come the weekends,

Relationship between Husband and Wife


We are sitting with our friends and why did you get married you have a wife, You have children these are the first order of you friends this is the most intimate circle even if you are not prepared to spend time with them what how do you expect the married to work.

I think we have said quite a bit for today, And this is all food for thought obviously whatever we have said applies to me firstly and then everyone else.

And the idea is to conscientious one and all about this Awesome relation b/w husband & wife, This is only a tip of the iceberg may we have another opportunity some time to go a little bit further.


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