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How to Remote Wipe Your Windows PC: Hello, Everyone Planning to work as a digital nomad on a holiday? today i am going to share with Guys How to Remote wipe your windows PC, Even if You Thought your own Beneficial data was safe with a ID Touch and Face-Recognition Software.

Remote Wipe Your Windows PC

If your current PC is Windows 10 you have to locate your own Laptop’s GPS coordinates While using the windows keys (Find My Device). If you are using old version then this Technique will not work in Your windows system. You will attention a tiny (Bit-locker OFF) Icon right below in your Device Display.

Find Device Windows10

Turn on the Bitlocker on to Encrypt Sensitive Files. Folders and even-though Entire Disks. This Action will takes a bit to get used to, Although you shill be Assured with the Ability that your own Files are now Secure with  AES-128 Encryption. The Folders which are Encrypted can now only Be Shown with Password and Recovery key.

bitlocker choose target drive

Nonetheless such a Advantageous Functionally come with A caveat. Actually there are not available for Windows 10 home And Windows 8.1 OR Windows 7 Systems. 

As you know that Prey Anti-theft is a Premium Laptop and Electronic Device-Monitoring Solution or Smartphone. For that you have to manages to recreate the  Technical Strength and functionalities of The Above solutions.

PreyProject Website Homepage

If you have downloaded it and you have done installation you shill be Asked to setup your own Prey account like new user. You will also log in with your own Accounts such as Google and Facebook.

Prey 1.8.1 Installation Setup

After you log in that will leads you in Web Dashboard, Aside from Windows system, Linux systems and Macbooks are also Supported by Prey Anti-theft.

Prey 1.8.1. Dashboard Account Activation

If you want to track your own Device location With Prey Anti-theft that will works more Efficiently than Windows system (Find My Device). The Service Uses Wifi Triangulation and Geo IP or GPS to access your own lost Laptop.

Prey 1.8.1 Dashboard Device Location on Map

If you have tracked your own Device, Then you can select to WIPE all data while including Documents,Google Drive, Gmails, Cookies, Dropbox and One Drive information.

Tips for Recovery

If you want to Report your own Device as Missing, That means if A Criminal open your Laptop,  You can receive evidence Reports Such as Coordinates, Photos and Active or Nearby WIFI.

Even if you want to setup a Guest Account in your own Laptop, When Criminal use your laptop to access the Internet, Once if it is done Then you can use Prey Anti-theft to send them Ominous messages along with the Police Complaint.


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