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Replace Your Home Button on the iPhone XR, iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max: Hello, Everyone today i am going to show you guys the recent Features of Iphone XS, Iphone XR, Iphone XS Max. As you know that Apple has a million of followers everyone wished to have new Flagship Smartphones of Iphone. As you know that  Iphone XS and Iphones XR Or Iphones XS Max didn’t have the home button anymore that will make it difficult for users to use the new Flagship Smartphones of Iphone’s.

One the Most beautiful and my favorite features Native to the IOS ecosystems in Reachability. Sometimes it’s very terrible to get to every part of the screen with your thumb with out added Straining to get there.


While going to home-button you will need to quickly Swipe down at the bottom of Your Smartphone. That will show you the window down same like in the old Reachability could. 

One the most Awesome feature which i personally use a lot that is taking screenshots. In the old version of Iphone’s Mobile You could need to hold down the power button and home button the take the Screenshots.

Taking Screenshots

If you want to take screenshot in this Flagship new iphone’s you will need to press the power button and Volume buttons to take the screenshots…


If you are going to unlock your Smartphone with using bio-metric and Passcodes then you will need to only swipe up from the bottom of the Screen the Screen will Quickly get to your home screen.

Unlocking the Phone

If you setup your faceID then you will just need to take your smart phone infront of your face, After recognize you the Small unlock icon will show at the top of Display above the clock then you will need to swipe up to get into your home Screen.


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