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(Research Reveals) How Much Money Do People Need to be Happy: Money is one of the most important parts of life, which for sure bring happiness into anyone’s life, a research conducted by Gallup World Poll which reveals truth about how much money you need to have to be happy in life.

The study has discussed few main points for income that is beyond which money doesn’t buy happiness, rather which leads to a number of issues such as stress and whatnot.

This cut-off includes with geographical and as well as gender wise. Money which leads to satisfactory lifestyle from job to home and enjoying things you really love, however, beyond the certain points, that the increased income levels do not correlate to satisfaction.

R E A D      A L S O

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This life-satisfaction survey which was conducted across the globe with over 1 million respondents rating their lies on a scale of 0-10 along with their annual incomes.

Gender-wise Satiation Point

Well, the survey has revealed that a woman needs more money to be happy in life.

Gender Satiation Point (US Dollar 2016)
Female 100,000
Male 90,000

Region-wise Satiation Point

The geographic location that plays a vital role in determining the cut-off above which the money leads to no further happiness.

Australia/New Zealand which have the highest satiation point of $125K whereas Latin Americans are happy up till the cut-off income of over $35K.

The global average remained at $95K.

Region Satiation Point (US Dollar 2016)
Australia/New Zealand 125,000
Middle East/North Africa 115,000
East Asia 110,000
North America 105,000
Western Europe/Scandinavia 100,000
Southeast Asia 70,000
Eastern Europe/The Balkans 45,000
Sub-Saharan Africa 40,000
Latin America/ The Caribbean 35,000
Global 95,000

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