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Samsung Galaxy Note 9: The phone which awaited many people is know here. Every year Samsung releases a phone with the name S like the S9. And after 6 to 8 months of the release. Samsung releases a phone bigger better and with more useful features and a big screen that phone is known as the Note series.

The Note series is like a special series. It finishes the requirement of a tablet and plus you have a S pen from which you can boost your creativity and make master peace’s.

So, let’s start the journey.



Note 9 Design

This is only the place where you can get some disappointment.  Its nearly the same however the fingerprint placement is changed. Its hard to explain why they thought to make to so un attractive fingerprint.

If you see the pack cameras of Samsung galaxy S9+ they are vertical. And the fingerprint is also placed vertically. But in the new Note 9 the cameras are horizontal but in the Note 9 the cameras are positioned horizontally like in the previous Note 8 but the fingerprint is right below it. But the only huge advantage that you will get from the Note 9 if you compare it with iPhone X it the head phone jack. Samsung is still keeping the head phone jack while Apple have forgotten it completely.



note 9 display

Samsung makes one of the best screens in any phone. They have the brightest, colorful, with deep black color screens. The screen in iPhone X is also manufactured by Samsung.


In the Note 9 you get 6.44 inches Quad HD+ Amoled display. It’s the best display in the market right know.



Note 9 Performance

Samsung have packed this beast with 6 GB and 8 GB of RAM.
Android 8.1 Oreo. 124 GB and 512GB of internal storage.
Exynos 9010 octa chip or QUALCOMM Snapdragon 845 chip depending on the country you are in.

So long story short this beast can handle anything in the market today.


Note 9 Camera

If you enjoyed the cameras of Samsung Galaxy S9+. You will the cameras of the Note 9 too.

They are the same aperture changing cameras. Which means you will have better low light and out door photos.


Some may criticize that Samsung have not changed the design but internally its completely changed. Samsung Galaxy Note 9 have every thing most people want from there phone.

You get a bigger battery at 4000 mAh , a better processor and a new set of cameras and if you didn’t forget one feature is still remaining.


The S Pen

note 9 s pen

In this Note you get a new S pen. off course the pressure sensitivity and all other S Pen features were cool but it’s the next level thing.

The new S pen have now built in Bluetooth connectivity. You can do stuff without even touching your phone. You can open apps give your phone some specific commands and much more. And it will get improved once app developers give it a bit of focus.


It also has a built in battery inside. Which Samsung claims gives you a 30 mins of battery with 60 seconds of being in the phone while charging. Which I don’t know about you but for me it’s cool.


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