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Saudi Govt Opens Holy Kaaba has allowed tawaf in the Mataaf area of the Holy Kaaba with some Limitations. The shortcomings lifted late on Monday.

Restrictions Of Holy Kaaba for Tawaf are; 

  • Only a small number of people will be allowed to perform the ritual.
  • A protective structure around the Kaaba has been established.
  • Plus pilgrims are not allowed to touch the Kaaba.

The tawaf came to stop on March 21 when the government Saudi Arab had announced extraordinary things to control the Pandemic of the deadly coronavirus.

But at that time there were a small number of Limitations and the authorities have banned only prying at Masjids;

  1. They banned congregational prayers in Masjid al-Haram
  2. And Masjid al-Nabvi. Very few people,
  3. But Only the workers and the security staff were allowed in.

Although the protective numbers of, The coronavirus Spread is wreaking the havoc in the Kingdom, forcing the closure of all businesses, transport, and educational institutions.


In The End, Saudi Govt Opens Holy Kaaba Plus over 1,500 confirmed cases and eight deaths have been reported in Saudi Arabia.

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