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parcel of individuals abstain from feasting out at eateries and appropriately so, No matter how extravagant they appear, There’s continuously a fear of sub-standard products being utilized within the kitchens.

A video has as of late surfaced on social media, where a chicken provider can be seen preparing a pickup full of dead chicken for delivery.

When inquired approximately which eatery he will be conveying to, he said: “Baoo G Murgh Pulao at Khanna Pul” in Islamabad.

Here’s the video:

Assistant Commissioner Koral

It highlights the too bad state of issues and destitute check and adjust by nourishment specialists, The video has, be that as it maybrought about in a test against the included restaurant.

He, went with by Agent Executive of ICT Nourishment Division have gone by the eatery and startedrequest to find out the realness of the reports, Nourishment tests have been taken and sent to a research facility for testing.

DC Islamabad

Hamza Shafqat has guaranteed that those included will be sent to imprison, Be that as it may, the trade of offering dead meat, not fair chicken is very predominant within the nation and has to be checked by the concerned authorities.

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