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Meet Shanza Faiq, the woman who topped the 2018 CSS exams. She is the woman who topped the CSS 2018 examinations, More than 11,887 candidates took the exams and only 567 were able to qualify.

She is the woman, Who left thousands of other students behind and topped the Central Superior Services Exam commonly know as CSS Exams, The result came out last year and among a large number of short-minded people.

She took the lead, her tremendous achievement and consistent hard work made her achieve this big and definitely, and the entire nation is proud of her.

The 567 candidates pass the 2018 CSS exam

What, however, helped her was the constant support from her family.

“I took them onboard with the decision.” She took two to three weeks to pick her subjects. “I decided at that time that I will not take subjects which everyone was taking. Instead, I decided to take subjects which I was comfortable taking.”

She shared that her father doesn’t permit the use of cellphones on the dinner table, which in turn helped her a lot, The family discusses various topics, ranging from religion to current affairs, and that helped her view issues from different angles.

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She said that the internet proved to be the best resource for her. Faiq also reads the newspaper every day.

Compulsory subjects proved to be the most difficult for her. She remarked that she had to memorize and learn a lot of ayats for Islamiyat, and Science was also a challenge as she comes from a social science background.

“The presentation of your answers is very important,” she said. Handwriting, outlines, headings are equally important as what you are writing, she added.

She chose to be inducted in the Foreign Services of Pakistan. When asked about the decision, she said that her father served in the foreign office briefly and that Pakistani diplomat Maleeha Lodhi has also been her role model.