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Investing is

A short-term risk.


Not investing is

A long-term one.

Every investment has risk factors. Be sure to study all the information presented before investing.

The above warning resembles the small print stamped on the bottom of an investment advertisement warning investors to be careful. It also warns investors to be aware that the risk of losing money is equal to the possibility of making a gain.

However, that the earning cannot encompass all the aspects of investment risk, but it automatically reflected another point of view:

No investment. No risk.

In reality, not investing also poses a risk. Failure to invest can lead to much long-term loss.

To repeat: Investment is a risk but it is usually short-term, as there is usually a greater likelihood of return in the long term – or profit – on investment.

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Not to invest is the real long-term risk, especially for the ‘salary man’  who can be too confident in the security of a regular income and thereby fail to consider the impact of inflation and monthly expenses, which can be considered as a long-term debt such as credit card fees, mortgage or rental payments and car installments.

Making a living solely from a salary, creating a long-term debt and avoiding the risk create a complete risk package. It is a long-term risk that such a person will have to live with for their entire life.

Not investing has a risk.

Be sure to study all available information

Before avoiding risk.

We should look at our expenses in order to estimate the risk. Each month we spend on utilities like water, electricity and phone as well as mortgage and car installments, home appliances, mobile phones, children’s tuition fees, fuel and traveling.

These are not investments, and we must fork out a great deal of cash for them. We cannot avoid paying for these and need to consider these as long-term expenses. In contrast, an investment might have risk but that could be viewed as short-term; in the long term, it offers the possibility of generating revenue that can cover these expenses.

“The world is developing rapidly.

Nothing is certain or secure any longer.

We may lose our job or our company may close. Our income after retirement may not be enough to support us for the rest of our lives”.


is just an excuse, or a cry from those who


or never learn

how to invest.


in fact,

if we know how

and have strong

determination, we can

get rich