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Sindhi culture day is also known as in the Urdu language “Sindhi Sakafati din” and Sindhi as “Aekta jo ddihaarro”. The culture is widely celebrated all over Pakistan by the Sindhi speaking.

It was celebrated for the first time back on December 6, 2009. As it was the first Sunday of December so the day is now celebrating by the Sindhi on the first Sunday of December.

Culture is one the main recognition in Pakistan that generates an attractive sight to the foreigners as well. In the first week of December Sindhi celebrates it with different styles.

The people from all major cities of Pakistan and all those living abroad celebrate the day by attending different concerts.

In the major cities of Pakistan people gather at press clubs and other places and arranges different activities like Sindhi literary poetic gatherings, they also organize bonfire and gather there for passing their culture day with different Sindhi songs and perform a dance as well.

They also organize seminars, lecture programs and rallies in the major cities by playing Sindhi songs loudly and perform Sindhi dance on the roadside as well.

If we talk about cultural clothes so they wear Sindhi Ajrak and Sindhi Topi as well. The major cities of Sindh were all decorated properly by the Sindhis. The women’s of the Sindhi culture also enjoy the day with their children’s by wearing the Sindhi traditional ladies’ suits.

If we talk about other people of Pakistan who are not Sindhis. They also celebrate the day with full passion and enjoys it with the Sindhi friends and neighbors.

There was also a program telecast on the Sindhi channels like KTN, Awaz Tv and Mehran Tv where the famous personalities and public come to make the day more memorable through different activities.

Today is the first Sunday of December and we wish all the Sindhi brothers a very happy Sindhi culture day.

Sindhi Culture Day dance video