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Fearing the Brand new Taxes imposed by the PTI Govt on Cell phone Market, There is A lot of Smartphone operators demand that the Govt of PTI should decrease the exorbitant taxes on Cell phones.

Recently in an Interview with Dawn News, The Senior executive of a Smartphone company advised,

The Govt of PTI to revert some of the exaggerated taxes imposed on cell phones in Pakistan.

A senior Executive of a Cell phone company does raise a valid point

Because such high taxes on mobile must be significantly cut down for the better growth of the Mobile Market in Pakistan. 

That will automatically lead to the growth of advanced data services.

The Executive of a Mobile Company does raise the right point through this kind of high taxes on Smartphones does not make much sense.  there is no local Mobile Manufacturer computer in Pakistan.

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The Govt of PTI imposing high taxes in the Absence of any local Mobile Manufacturer that will only stress the common Person. Who has to buy a typical cellphone at a very high price.

Presently in Pakistan out of 155 Million Smartphone subscribers, 14.9% or 23.2 Million are using 4G data services.

According to PTA (Pakistan Telecommunication Authority), 25.5% or 39.6 are the users of 3G.

A Senior Executive of Mobile Company Said

“The present market penetration of 4G/3G data services is economically not feasible; the market penetration rate has to be above 60% of the existing customer base to be viable for the operators,”

Present Taxes on Cell Phones

Currently, Govt is collecting 4 kinds of taxes in Pakistan:

  • Income tax
  • Sales tax
  • Federal Excise Duty
  • Customs Duty

Moreover, The Govt of PTI has imposed a 10 Percent RD (Regulatory duty) on imported Cell Phones based on their value.

The Executive of Mobile Company want to remain unidentified further said:

“With the rupee losing 30% of its value (since December 2017), the new, massive taxation and RD have increased the prices sharply.

The slowdown in the handset sales will impede the growth of our data service customers.”

The Main point was that they want the Govt of PTI to reduce the taxes of Mobile and give incentives to Manufacturers so that they will bring their Smartphone’s in Pakistan.

If the govt of PTI take this step then it could vastly benefit Pakistani Consumers.

The Present govt has promised to introduce the 2019 fiscal budget which will generally favor new businesses and investors in Pakistan