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SQL Injection has been around for at least 20 years, but it is no less powerful or dangerous than any other attack we have covered so far, It is designed to exploit flaws in a website or web application.

The Attack works by inserting code into an executing line of code before it is executed by a database, If SQL Injection is successful, Attackers can cause their code to run.

SQL Injection

In the real world, this attack has proven dangerous because many developers are either know how to defend against it, developers should be aware of this.

SQL Attacks In Action 

  • SQL Injection is typically is a result of flaws in the web application or website and is not an issue with the database.
  • The SQL injection is at the source of many of the high-level or well-known attacks on the internet.
  • The goal of attack of this type is to submit commands through a web application to a database to retrieve or manipulate data.
  • The usual cause of this type of flaw is improper or absent input validation, thus allowing code to pass unimpeded to the database without being verified.

From the attacker’s side, vulnerability to SQL injections is very easy to detect, Visiting a suspect site and getting it to generate error message can indicate a potential vulnerability to this type of attack,

In addition, the availability of automated and effective tools has increased, setting the base even lower for the successful execution of the attack.

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Finally, this type of attack is very attractive for an attacker to perform because of the value of the information that can be obtained.

Information, especially personal information, can be sold on the black market for considerable amounts of money depending on what it is.