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Supreme Court Allows Overseas Pakistanis to Vote Online in Upcoming By-Polls: In  the today developments that is very sure to wow the Expatriate Pakistanis. The Supreme court of Pakistan had been ordered NADRA,EXP & the other partner to secure at citizens of Pakistan who inhabit overseas will cast their votes in the Upcoming By-Polls On 25 October 2018.

R E A D     M O R E

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There aimed at empowering overseas Pakistanis who start to bring in invaluable  foreign exchange for Pakistan.  And are Concerned About doing their Part in the choosing of next leaders in their home country Pakistan.

There is how online Voting system shill work in Our Country Pakistan


For this Activity NADRA Shill be readying the i-voting Terrace In order to sure that Pakistani nationals in overseas counties will have their say in  the coming by-Polls Normal to be held on 25 October 2018.

The coming Elections shill be held in 25 October 2018 in the Country. Pakistan Election Commission shill have the last say on the e-voting system once it is  Approved by Polls.

Bestow to Present details the NADRA is readying the online website which shill allow overseas to register himself/herself as online voters of Pakistan. It is Normal that seven Milion Pakistanis shill have the ability to vote through the i-voting platform. 

Everyone hope  that   the i-voting system doesn’t endure the same fate as RTS.

It would be Specified that before the elections. The system to allow overseas to Pakistanis the vote was already in Place with online website & the guide to setup as well. Nonetheless due to undisclosed issues. The NADRA  approved out of launching the e-voting system. Articulate that the system was not ready to be deployed.