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Federal Board of Revenue’s (FBR) Chairman Syed Shabbar Zaidi has declared that on normalcharge returns recorded per day in 2019 have risen by 127 percent compared to the final year.

In a Twitter post, Zaidi shared points of interest of the assess returns recorded so distant, As per the records, the number of charge returns recorded in 2019 till October 25 stands at 918,027, as compared to 585,209 charge returns recorded within the same period final year.

The status of returns filed is as under as reported by PRAL.

— Syed Shabbar Zaidi (@ShabarZaidi) October 25, 2019

Zaidi said that as of November, the FBR will force strict measures against unauthorized intelligent and harassment between its staff and the trade community.

The commerce community is proposed to report to FBR in the event that any individual contacts them through anyway without appropriate authorization.

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From November 1, 2019, strict requirements will be made against unapproved interaction between the FBR staff and the commerce community. 

Commerce community is recommended to report to FBR on the off chance that any individual contact through anyway without appropriate authorization.

No harassment. Syed Shabbar Zaidi (@ShabarZaidi) October 25, 2019, FBR will before long discharge enlightening to all officers, representatives, and staff of all arrangements of FBR not to connect with businessmen through individual visits, phone calls, cell phone messages or emails.

FBR will exceptionally before long issue exceptionally strict informational to all officers, workers, and staff of all arrangements of FBR not to connected with businessmen through individual visits, phone 

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