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In an awful occurrence in Thailand, a 17-year-old boy has kicked the bucket after playing an internet amusement all night,  He endured a stroke which demonstrated deadlyconcurring to the reports.

The boy utilized to stay up all night, and after that, he would draw up the shades within the day whereas playing video diversions. He went through his whole school occasions in October playing multiplayer fight recreations.

I called his name and said ‘wake up, wake up’ but he did not respond. I could see he was dead.
The surgeons have ascribed Piyawat Harikun’s passing to always playing video diversions through the night. The youthful boy’s father, Jaranwit, who is an Discuss Drive officer, found him dead in his chair the following morning.
My child was savvy and continuously did incredible at school but he had a major issue with gaming habits.
attempted to caution him almost his persistent long hours playing recreations and he guaranteed to decrease it, but it was as well late.
Talking around his Harikun’s fixation with video recreations, Jaranwit said that his passing is a case for other guardians including that they have to be more strict on their children’s playing hours.