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Ren Zhengfei is the CEO of Huawei he said to the chines Tech giant is now planning to move its US Telecommunications research center north of the border to Canada.

The reason behind this is that among the US government leveling criminal charges and economic sanctions against the company as part of the trade war with chain.

The Revelation was made by Ren Zhengfei while talking to the global and mail newspaper at his company’s headquarters in Shenzhen,

Huawei is also planning to open new factories in Europe to make the impedimenta of 5G networking The company is still the global leader in 5G Technology.

Although we can see the fight and troubles that are going on between China and Us during the upcoming years. The company hopes to grab 5G infrastructure contracts on the continent.

Right now Huawei is very busy engaging 300 more employees in the country more than 1200 employees needed in the company.

furthermore, Huawei has laid off around 350 employees from its US research wing, called Futurewei, from 600 to just 250…

“ The CEO cited communication restrictions as the cause of the job cuts, saying We can’t exchange calls or emails with them. That’s why we will shift our focus of development more toward Canada.” PLus “The director in charge of business plans in the United States is working in Ottawa.

Mr. Ren Also added that while talking about opening equipment factories in Europe the cost may become a little higher than china but we can gain trust in Europe but there is still much to e did before moving to us such as feasibility study.

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