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We Have seen a lot the live demos sometimes do not work out & the same thing happened With Tesla‘s new Live demos that never worked.

Something somewhere always goes wrong and the recent Tesla’s Armor Glass demo is an example of that.

Tesla’s Armor Glass Price

Tesla’s as of late debuted ~$40,000 Cyber Truck pickup was experiencing a live demo for the toughness of its Armor glass.

Amid the demo, Elon Musk, originator, CEO, and chief engineer/designer of SpaceX inquired Franz von Holzhausen, Tesla’s lead originator, to toss a baseball ball-sized metal ball at the driver side window.

It certainly did not turn out to be the most excellent choice. The glass broke from edge to edge. Indeed though the ball did not go through, the full concept of Armor glass disintegrated at the side of the window.

The same thing happened when the metal ball was tossed at the raise traveler window.

Live Presentation

Elon was lovely astounded with the result and said,

“We tossed torques, we tossed everything. We indeed truly tossed a kitchen sink at the glass, and it didn’t break. For a small odd reason, it broke presently, I don’t know why.”

End Of Presentation

the video was moved to ‘Private’ on Tesla’s YouTube channel. Generallythe complete circumstance was beautiful humiliating for the California-based car company.

Envision buying a $40,000 car and having the ‘Armor Glass Windows’ smashed by metal balls.

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