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Sampooran Singh Kalra was born in Dina, Jhelum Locale, of display day Pakistan.

The year was 1934, and the newborn child Kalra did not as, however, know almost the arrangement of occasions being set in a movement that would drive him to forsake his originbegin an unused life.

And have significance pushed upon him. The segment of the sub-continent which birthed Pakistan and Hindustan was more than a decade away.

Ever since he was a child, Kalra was fixated with books, Reflecting upon that guiltlessness a long time afterward.

He would regularly conversation approximately how that childhood fixation turned into a long-lasting calling

Concurring to Kalra, when libraries within the sub-continent utilized to let perusers borrow books for a measly few paisas, Kalra would study so numerous that custodians developed tired of his nearness.

One day, in ordinary design, Kalra was at the library, inquiring the custodian to loan him a book he had not examined some time recently.

Since the custodian was active, he has given Kalra the primary book sitting on the beat of a heap following to the counter at the library.

With that one act, Kalra’s destiny was fixed, he would afterward say, The book, Gardner, by Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore, would rouse Kalra to choose up the write and type in.

As the pressures over the parcel of the sub-continent flared, Kalra’s family chosen to take off present-day Pakistan and move to Hindustan.

They took up home in Mumbai, the harbor city on the eastern coast.

Kalra was enlisted in college and constrained to require up the least wage work. In his save time, Kalra would peruse Tagore and decipher his works.

Mumbai was the social capital of Hindustan. Journalistswriters, film chiefsperformers, composers, and painters were all running to the harbor city to work within the film industry.

As Kalra transitioned from arithmetic to proficient composing, he got to be known as Gulzar, Inevitably, his friends persuaded him to require up composing for movies.

As destiny would have it, the two were a characteristic fit. Starting within the 1950s, Gulzar began working his enchantment. 

And, within the six decades since, has gotten to be one of the foremost celebrated lyricists of Hindustan, winning various honors within the handle.

In 2008, he was indeed honored universally, winning an Oscar and a Grammy for the tune Jai Ho.

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