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Prime Minister Imran Khan has fulfilled another promise, that he has gone to changed PM house into the Islamabad National University.

A ceremony was held on Friday for converting the lavish building into a learning institute Islamabad National Universities will setup 30 acres of land.

And It will offer MS and Ph.D. programs in the field of social sciences Islamabad National Universities will not offer undergraduate programs.

The converting of Prime Minister house into a university was a part of the promise of PTI in previous days.

The government of Tahreek-E-Insaf opened the door of the Governor house and PM house for the public, Imran Khan also proved that he is the men of his words.

Islamabad National Universities was built with so many hopes to serve as a center of excellence and high-quality research institute

Further, more federal minister for Science and Technology Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said that the new University of emerging sciences,

which we are going to establish at Prime Minister House it is with the help of financial assistance from China.

He also added that an international science conference will also be arranged on 31st of August this year where all repute scientist will be invited to participate


Education is the top priority of Pakistan, the government of Tahreek-E-Insaf said that enough funds are being made available for Higher Education in the country.

And while talking to media Minister of Science and Technology Chaudhary Fawad Hussain said that Pakistan is also to conquer the space for the first time,

And the first astronaut will be launched by 2022 more over Fawad Ch said science is one of the most important subjects all the time every student must study this subject.

Because it gives them the skills of thinking which they need in all subjects the government is now focused to build institutes where students would learn about emerging sciences.

Islamic calendar

Minister of Science and Technology has said a Five-Year Islamic Calendar will be ready by the 15th of Ramadan to determine holy days falling in an Islamic Year.

Talking to media in Islamabad in Wednesday afternoon, he said the calendar will help to determine various festivals of the holy days.

The minister said the proposed calendar will be presented before the federal cabinet for further decision.