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Jorden Wildon has reported that Private Group chats in WhatsApp are only accessible through invite links that group admins share with each other.

But these Private group invites might not be so private after all these private group invites are easily accessible through some basic Google searching.

 Through a Simple Google Search You Can Enter Private WhatsApp Chats

The “Invite to Group via Link” URLs are being indexed by Google which allows pretty much anyone with access to Google to find them with the right search terms.

Vice is Founder of the Digital Media Website and he was able to find several private group chats through this utilization, After joining, they were even able to see a full list of group members and their phone numbers.

Vice reached out to both Google and Facebook on this matter but they haven’t responded yet.

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It is very easy for websites or apps to place a few lines of code to stop Google from indexing their information, but it seems that WhatsApp is failing to do so.

Facebook doesn’t think and care about if there is anything wrong with private group chats being accessible by anyone.

Twitter user @hackrzvijay had reported the problem to Facebook earlier and they said their hands are tied since they cannot control what Google or other search engines are indexing. Google and Facebook are still reportedly discussing the situation but for now, nothing special has come out of it.

Danny Sullivan

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