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Top 9 Richest Men of Pakistan: We have researched and collected 10 richest men of Pakistan and their Biographies and background. These people have successfully made their huge empires. most have them taken decades creating their empire. You will know way more about these tycoons then you ever knew.


Tariq Saigol

  1. Tariq Saigol:

The Siagols family started way earlier with just a shoe company in in 1890 by Amin Saigol the founder of Saigol dynasty. The shoe company then lead to Koh-e-Noor Rubber works which became on of the biggest Rubber manufacturer in that time. when India and Pakistan partitioned all the Saigol family migrated to Pakistan while Gul Saigol stayed in India to look over the company. But the company was demolished by Indian government in 1965 war.

The Saigol who were in Pakistan started there in heat. And creating textile and chemical industries in Pakistan. The biggest project was Kala Shah Kaku Chemical Complex near a place in Lahore. Which comprised five units namely Kohinoor Rayan Ltd, United Chemical, Insectides (Pakistan) Ltd, Kohinoor Oil Mills Ltd and Kohinoor Engineering Ltd. Starting Textile mills in 1947, in less than two decades. In a short time, they had grown so much that they had their fingers on almost every business in Pakistan.

But they went almost broke when Bhutto became the prime minister of Pakistan. Likemany otherIndustrialists they went to Saudi Arabia. Where they tried their luck In Saudi Arabia but their luck didn’t work in Saudi.

In 1976 Saigols decided to split, there strategy which comes to my mind is was to spread the rather keeping them in on basket. The assets that had escaped nationalization comprising mills at Faisalabad, Rawalpindi and Quetta, Sugar Mills, Conforce Limited and Saigol Brother limited were divided among 15 males descendants of the founding fathers.

Fast forward the Saigols are currently operating in three distinct groups headed by Nasim Saigol, Tariq SaeedSaigol and Rafiq Saigol. In all the three Tariq Saigolhave the biggest piece of cake. $850 Million and they have family links with MianMuhammad Mansha. Raz Saigol the sister of Saigol brothers is the wife of Mian Muhammad Munsha.
Tariq Saigol have become the 10th richest person in Pakistan.


Malik Riaz

  1. Malik Riaz

Malik Riaz have a very interesting background. He was born Sialkot in a wealthy family which went bankrupt so he had to start as a clerk with a construction company in Rawalpindi. IN 1980s Malik Riaz moved to become a contractor. He was contracted to develop a gated community for Pakistan navy in 1995. the contract was terminated but Malik Riaz didn’t stop and he had a plan so he made Bahria Town Rawalpindi.

This gave him a boost after the success of his first contract he didn’t look back and developed Behria Town in Karachi, Lahore, and Islamabad. The Bahria town in Karachi have made him the most money. it has the world’s 3rd biggest Mosque. And the whole place is just marvelous.

the main business of Malik Riaz is Real Estate his net worth is $1 Billion which he has made in less than two decades. 1 billion is only the money he has in his bank. In assets it is been said that he has $7 Billion of assets.


Nasir Schon

  1. Nasir Schon

His full name is Syed Nasir Hussain Schon. He is a residence of United Arab Emirates. He also made his wealth by real estate. In 2007 Nasir Schon and his brother. Due to high demand of real estate they grew like a bamboo tree. And made an astonishing amount of money in a short time.

Apart from that he has two kids Asher and Khizar Shon. His net worth is $1 Billion. Which he has made just in a decade.


Sadruddin Hashwani

  1. Sadruddin Hashwani:

Hashwani was born in Karachi. And studied in the university of Karachi and in 1960 he started a cotton trading company with his brother. The company’s name was Hassan Ali Company which in a short time became the Pakistan’s largest cotton supplier.

In 1978 he started his first Holiday Inn Hotel Islamabad and also in Karachi in 1982. In 1985, Sadruddin Made a successful bid for the majority shares of Pakistan Services Limited. When he owned four inter-Continental Hotels across Pakistan, the hotels were re-branded as Pearl-Continental Hotels.

His net worth is $1.1 Billion. Which is not yet completely confirmed. he private company name is Hashoo group.


Nawaz sharif

  1. Nawaz sharif

Nawaz sharif is the ex-Prime minister of Pakistan and have been two times chief minister of Punjab. Was born in Lahore. And is the founder of Sharif and Ittefaq group. He is an Industrialist but he have made his most money from his industries of steal.

History have been harsh upon Nawaz sharif. He is known in prison with his daughter Maryam Nawaz and Safdar Awan. However, he has $1.6 billion wealth.


Sir Anwar Parvez

  1. Sir Anwar Parvez

Sir Anwar Pervez was born in march 1935, and went to UK at the age of 21. From there the rest is history.  He is known to be the nation’s second largest Cement manufacturer. He is also the richest Pakistani in UK. His net worth is $4.11 billion dollar.

he is married to SabihaQasim and have two sons Rizwan Pervez and Dawood Pervez. Also have a daughter Farah who is married to Syed Abid Hussain Imam.

His wealth has made him the 4th richest person of Pakistan.


Asif Ali Zardari

  1. Asif Ali Zardari

Asif Ali Zardari was the 11 presidents of Pakistan. Husband of the elected president Benazir Bhutto. His record has been very dirty from the beginning. Many of reports of corruption have been reported against Asif Ali Zardari.

his net worth is $1.8 Billion.


Mian Muhammad Mansha

  1. Mian Muhammad Mansha

Mansha was born in Lahore in a wealthy family. And have educated from the university of Punjab. Mansha is the Husband of Raz Saigol the sister of Tariq Saigol. Mansha is the second richest person of Pakistan. With the wealth of around $15 Billion with his assets. He is the CEO of Both MCB Ltd, Adanjee group along with Nishat group.

Nishat Group have made him the most he money in all of his businesses. The company is still growing and bringing jaw dropping profits.


Shahid Khan

  1. Shahid Khan

Shahid khan is the richest person of Pakistan. He is a Pakistani American. he went to United Stated when he was at the age of 16 to study in the university of Illinois.

He is the owner of Jacksonville jaguars of the NFL and the owner of Fulham F.C, Toronto Four Seasons and Flex-n-gate company.

His net worth is over 7.4 billion. He started from washing dishes for $1.2 per hour. He is a real influence. He is a residence of U.S but he was born I Pakistan. His mother was a Mathematics professor.


Here you have it Top 9 Richest men of Pakistan. if you have any suggestions comment down below.