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The top millionaires of the world had recommended a lot of books for self-improvement to read and apply them to get Rich but as we know that nowadays everybody wants to be rich and live a happy life. 

There are a lot of books but among the top, five books which have been recommended by the millionaires are these;

1. Think And Grow Rich 

This book was written by napoleon hill in this book he researched and discovered that what are the habits and routines of the millionaires of the world among them.

2. Poor Dad And Rich Dad 

Robert Kiyosaki had two fathers one was rich and the other was poor it gave him the contrast of choosing to which type of mentality he should select and follow the footsteps 

3. The Intelligent Investor

In this book, warren buffets mentor asked him and give us advice on how to invest in the market when the market is up and down what are the strategies one should use while being in the market.

 4. Mastery

Robert Green is talking about the mastery of how to achieve mastery in life in any field from the very beginning al the way to mastery this should be read by everyone who is interested in achieving mastery in the field of the World.

5. Master The Game 7 Steps to Become Financially Free

Tony Robin is one of the well-known author investor motivational speakers of the world In his book Master The Game it has been sold more than millions of copies. 

There are 7 steps to become financially free in Life But for that, you need to pay a price and the price is far less than money the price is to Read his book and start applying it.

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