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2019 has been an exciting year and it is, at last, coming to a conclusion, It is that time of the year after you arrange for your modern year resolutions and see back at how things unfurled within the year past.

Plenty of things, both great and awful, have happened in 2019 and the next year is as it were a couple of days absent

It’ll bring with it so numerous modern experiences, and it’ll have its great and awful minutes.

Coming back to 2019, it was a year to keep in mind for numerouswhereas it wasn’t kind sufficient to others.

Nowadays, we take a see at what happened within the world through the focal point of Twitter.

The microblogging stage has shared its conclusion of the year list with hashtag #ThisHappened to reflect on the best trending occasionsgroupscompetitorslawmakersperforming artistsmotion picturesartists and indeed smileys.

Let’s have a look at all these trending topics that made waves on Twitter in 2019:

News-Related Hashtags

Beginning with major happenings over the globe, the Twitterati talked the foremost around the celebrated Notre Lady cathedral’s burning in Paris. Here are the best 10:

Sr. No. Trend Details
1 #NotreDame One of the finest examples of French gothic architecture, Notre-Dame de Paris was severely damaged by fire on 15th April.
2 #令和 On 1st May, Japanese emperor Akihito’s elder son, Naruhito ascended the throne as 126th emperor of Japan.
3 #Venezuela A bitter power struggle between Juan Guaidó and  Nicolás Maduro has rocked Venezuela resulting in hyperinflation, power cuts and shortages of food and medicine.
4 #Brexit Short for British Exit, Brexit is UK’s struggle to leave the European Union.
5 #TyphoonHagibis Typhoon Hagibis struck Japan on 12th October causing widespread destruction; 93 people died and 87,000 homes damaged.
6 #PrayforAmazonia The world’s most biodiverse rainforest, Amazon has witnessed a record-breaking increase in rates of fire count.
7 #HongKong Protests have rocked Hong Kong since June against the extradition bill.
8 #ClimateStrike To draw attention towards climate emergency, Swedish activist, Greta Thunberg-led Climate Strike to urge world leaders to act.
9 #Christchurch The horrendous mass shootings took place in Christchurch mosques on 15th March as a white supremacist opened fire on dozens of praying Muslims.
10 #DemDebate The Presidential Democratic debates in the US were a hot topic on Twitter.

In spite of tall claims, the Kashmir issue hasn’t overseen to induce into the beat patterns around the world.

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Which to some degree highlights the inadequacies of the Pakistan government to highlight the matter enough.

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