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Pakistan is full of astonishing visitor attractions from Gwadar to Khunjerab Pass, From precious stone clear lakes to white streams, deserts to verifiable destinations and mud volcanos to blue shorelines.

And a few of the most noteworthy snow-clad mountains, Pakistan has everything a visitor dreams of seeing in one country.

The list of places to visit and things to do in Pakistan is exceptionally long, be that as it may, a skilled illustrations architect, going by the title of Assam Craftsman, has made lives less demanding for those who need to see the wonderful nation with his graphical outline of traveler attractions in Pakistan.

Words cannot characterize how tastefully satisfying the outline is, so without any assist ado, let’s have a see:

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First Tourist Attraction Map of 🇵🇰 Pakistan Since my Childhood to adult age i had been hearing from general people about my country pakistan, that it has huge potential, including 5 kind of weathers, 6 kind of beaches, agricultural lands, highest mountains, roof of the world, oldest civilisation, all the minerals and resources, heritage and different cultures. so i decided to create a picture of those voices to showcase pakistan to the world, what we actually have and how many undiscovered areas we still have to explore. Since last year our visa policy has been change and we are visa free for many countries and for others we have on arrival visa plus e-visa service as well and tourist are finally come back to our countries after many struggling years. and being a traveller when ever i visit other countries first thing i search for, that is Tourist Map. And when i was looking for Pakistan tourist map i found nothing help full or interesting, so i decided to take the initiative and it took 8 consecutive days to create this High resolution Pakistan Tourist Attraction Map which represent overall beauty of Pakistan. in Term of Nature, Architecture or Infrastructure. we are truly blessed country in the world. As a Introduction to Pakistan i mention the similarities between Other International Countries like with Pakistan. I hope this Map can helps to many travel lovers like me. For high resolution map please visit #pakistan #touristmap #pakistantouristmap #pakistanattractionsmap #pakistanattractions #maps #3Dmap #artisticMap #lahore #islamabad #punjab #karachi #jehlum #kartarpur #sharda #kashmir #neelumvalley #pakistantourism #tdcp #pia #pakistanairlines #quetta #moolachotok #frenchbeach #clifton #seaview #dolmen #frearhall #pakarmy #india

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In his Instagram post, he clarified the reason behind making the map

I have chosen to take a picture of those voices to grandstand Pakistan to the world, what we really have and how many undiscovered ranges we still need to explore.

Not as it were the outline is astounding, the portion ‘We and World’ flawlessly compares Pakistan to the rest of the world.

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