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Transfer Android Files to Mac: Hello Everyone today i am going to share that how to transfer Android Files to Mac, Anyone who loves MacOS and Opts very much for An Android For a Mobile Experience, There might be a hassle in transferring files Cross-Platform b/w Mac and Android devices. Although in Many situation that feels Awesome to stick to a single Ecosystem. 

Transfer Android Files to Mac

If you want to transfer your files from Android Phone to Mac then you have to install An Android App on the Internet Named as  Android File Transfer. By the help of this Android App you can transfer you data from Android phone to Mac.

1. First download the  Android File Transfer App in your Mac. Once you downloaded the app then open the  Android File Transfer.dmg Then double click on it the drag  “Android File Transfer” to Applications.

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2. In Android Phone go to settings then go to Connected Devices then Select the USE And Transfer your Files.

Using Android File Transfer

3.  If you want to transfer your data from Android Phone to your Mac, Then open the Newly App which you have downloaded Android File Transfer. That will be Displaying your Android Root Directory.

Using Android File Transfer

4. You have to open a finder window to browse the files and your folders on your Android Phone that you want to transfer.


While using the Smart Switch you will only work with Samsung Cellphones. For that you have to connect your own Smartphone and your Mac while using A USB cable. if you done it, then you will need to do is click on the Backup Button. That will Simply backs your own data from your Android phone to your Mac.

Using Smart Switch


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