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From Now on Twitter will accept JPEG Pictures while uploading on the web The engineers of the company have decided to change the way of processing of images.

And the new way of doing it will be much easier than Previous one Plus it will also be liked by the photographers to share their work on the Platform.

Nolan O Brien is The Engineer of the company He shared that the platform will now accept the JPEG encoding when they are uploaded via social on the Web Instead of changing them.

It will result in a very bad way that audiences may not like it it can also be frustrating for Photo Pros and Enthusiasts.

There are some limitations to keep in mind

Twitter will still be changing and comprising the Thumbnails for the Images You can also see it in your Twitter Feed But if the User clicks through the IMage he can also see the uncompressed at least, not additionally compressed) image you originally uploaded, provided it’s a JPEG.

Twitter will also ask question-related to EXIF Data that provides more information about the picture such as when how and potentially where it was taken or edited and it can be readable by some application.

The Platform of Twitter has already done this in the Past It is also good that he is going to do it now because while some of the photographers like to peek at this information to check things like aperture or IOS setting on a photo.

That they Like Or like to copyright the Information, One important note to be taken is that if something that can be used in a good way can also be used in a bad way there are a lot of people who can use it with bad intentions to spy on things like location.

Engineer O’Brien, his example is a completely illustrative line when it comes to showing what kind of details and information that can be accepted But When twitter does not further compress or transcode your JPEG Photos.

This is small but great feature Tweak for the platform and hopefully it continues to make twitter more photo-friendly in The Future

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