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General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Of the UAE United Arab Emirates has declared to temporarily ban flights from Pakistan.

UAE Suspended the flights from Pakistan Due to the of the coronavirus situation in Pakistan.

RightNow Pakistan Has Reached More than 200,000 Positive cases with Over 4,100 Death Report Until Now.

UAE Bans Flight Operations

The Ban will be effective from Monday (Today) and It will continue They Will continue Until and Unless a Laboratory is set up at airports for Covid-19 Tests.

The aviation Authority also added that Passengers on all flights, including Transfers Will not be allowed In United Arab Emirates.

Furthermore, This Decision was taken to ensure the safety of the Passengers coming from Pakistan.

General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA)

The General Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) has said to the passengers who are affected by this decision to contact their airlines & Travel agents to make alternate Plans For them.

Gulf Media Also Added that they are Reporting that the suspension will continue Until a Proper Lab Facility is not Setup At the Airport.

In The End UAE Bans Flight Operations

  • The decision has come days after Emirates.
  • The UAE’s leading carrier suspended flight operations from Pakistan.
  • After as many as 30 Pakistanis who traveled to the UK from Lahore, tested positive for the novel coronavirus.
  • The airline, however, will continue cargo flights to and from Pakistan.

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