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Uber and Careem are the giants of Online riding services and giving the easy of booking rides from home across the world.

In the past, different bad things have been faced by the customers from the captains of both of these services.

Sindh Government is also in the toes of both of these companies ever since they entered Pakistan.

October 2018,

The Sindh government gave time to the riding company to give the route permits for drivers or else they will face termination of the Service.

All these things have not made any impact on the customers like me and you.

Now, the government is planning to regulate both companies as there is no rule found for the provision of “Online Public Passenger Service”

In-Vehicle ordinance 1965 or Motor Vehicle Rules 1969. If the legislation will pass by the CM and parliament,

Uber and Careem have to complete the requirements of their vehicles fitness certificates which the captains are using for rides.

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The company will also be required to provide a route permit as well. The amendment of the vehicle ordinance is posted below:

Uber and careem

After reading the whole summary, more than 500 vehicles route permits documents has been submitted by both Uber and Careem.

According to the Spokesperson from Careem, while speaking with Express Tribune,

He said that we are willing to obtain fitness certificates and route permits for each of our vehicles but the whole regulatory process must take on-board ride-hailing companies.

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