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Today in San Francisco Uber has launched some of the unveiled things. And the changes in its products, that was to design to promote Eat and micro-mobility.

Which makes life easier for drivers, Keeps riders safe and makes transportations more accessible.

The Big Highlight

The Two new Visions for the future of Uber’s Home Screen, Which is Added number one is Get a ride and the number two is order Food.


Uber has added a prominent Eat Button to the bottom of the Screen, Right now it is available in U.S, Canada, Europe, and Australia Plus some other cities.

These two big Buttons of Uber in the Screen Center, It can bring Uber to get more of its nearly 100 million users Eating, And this version is now testing in nine markets.


“We want to be the operating system for your everyday life,” says CEO Dara Khosrowshahi. “A one-click gateway to everything that Uber can offer you.” Uber’s share price rose 1% to about $32 following the news, but that’s still way down from its $42 IPO price due to a stock-wrecking earnings report in August that the company lost $5 billion.”

Uber Launches Everything

  1. Uber Rewards
  2. Uber Mobility
  3. Uber Pass
  4. Uber Eats
  5. Uber Safety
  6. Uber Drivers
  7. Uber Access
  8. Uber Incubator

Uber Rewards

The first international market of expansion of the rider loyalty rewards program starts with Brazil and Mexico.

The option is to get favorite dishes from local Uber Eats restaurants as Rewards,

Flexibility in how your Rewards are applied so instead of always getting $5 in Uber cash, you could get 25% off your next UberX or 10% off your next Uber Eats

Uber has new partnerships that let you convert loyalty perks from other businesses, like Aeromexico miles into Uber cash to spend on rides

2) Uber Mobility

Uber has launched a new Jump Bike with a removable battery that users can take out while charging wall docks located around cities.


Uber will start showing bikes and scooters, including those from Lime, on the main Uber map to remind users they don’t always have to drive

Uber Copter will be available for all New York City users offering eight-minute rides to JFK airport

3) Uber Pass

Uber Pass is generally passing Eats, Which lets users subscribe to unlimited free Uber Eats deliveries.

Uber’s revamped Uber Pass for $24.99 for surge price protection on every ride, free Eats deliveries and free Jump scooter and bike rides.

4) Uber Eats

Uber has worked with 5,100 Restaurants to launch virtual kitchens that just sell food for Delivery And is exclusively working with celebrity Chef Rachel Ray on her own one.

Uber’s V1 test makes Uber Eats slightly more prominent with a tab button at the bottom
Uber’s V1 test makes Uber Eats slightly more prominent with a tab button at the bottom
5) Uber Safet

Uber will now allow you to text 911 from your ride, With a pre-filled message that includes your car make, Year and Color, Your current location and destination, Plus the room for you to add information about your emergency.

Uber has a Bike Lane which alerts you while dropping off in the bike lane make sure you don’t hurt anyone opening your door, Which is expending to 200 more cities around the World.


Uber has provided a special pin code that lets users verify themselves that they are in the right car, And it also uses to be inaudible tone emitted from rider and Driver phones to ensure that they are supposed to be together.

Uber’s driver check feature now makes drivers verify their identity by moving their head in certain ways like they’re training Face ID to ensure no one else uses their driver account, instead of just using a selfie

6) Uber Drivers

Uber is adding better heat maps for finding high-demand areas.

Uber’s new “Back to a Busy Area” feature lets drivers who’ve dropped someone off somewhere deserted set a destination back to a populated area and ride requests will be filtered to get them back there.

Drivers can now work delivering Uber Eats orders even while they’re traveling away from their home region.

7) Uber Access

Uber Pay now lets customers deposit cash at certain brick-and-mortar stores and have it placed in their Uber account so they can pay even.


If they don’t have a credit card. Partners include some gas stations and shops working with Green Dot like Walmart.

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The massive potential here would be for the company to build out a WeChat-style wallet where the credit cardless can pay for lots of things outside its app using Uber Pay

8) Uber Incubator

Uber’s new Incubator will work with employees and outside startups to develop new experiences on top of the Uber platform, from scooters that drive themselves to chargers to augmented reality maps of the world

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