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In today’s world, we see things are changing very quickly and fast towards a cashless economy and this is a fact that too many people are relying on their smartphones, debit/credit cards for payments across the world.

As stated by statistics. 63% of smartphone users have at least one financial app on their phone.

Every day in mobile applications new features are being added it is no surprise that people are leaving the past methods and adopting the new and modern technologies.

Open a bank account with just a few taps!

Typically, if you don’t have a bank account, you have to go to the nearby branch and fill out a bunch of files and forms.

One gets lost in the extensive terms and conditions plus the forms and files are so tedious that there will come a time that we will get so bored and that it makes the overall process time-consuming.

This is where the UBL Mobile Banking app saves you time and effort! By allowing users to sign up for a bank account right through the app, previous days are gone.

When customers have to go to the bank to open their bank account, now you just have to enter relevant details on the app.

A customer representative will come to your location to process and open your UBL bank account. (This service is currently available in Karachi only).

Exclusive nearby discounts powered by Augmented Reality

This new app also introduces an augmented Augmented Reality feature called “Aas Paas” which allows customers to map exclusive discounts that the bank offers to the real world around them.

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The discounts get updated on a real-time basis and customers are always aware just by waving their phones around to see where the next best deal is in the lifestyle category of their choice.

Unlock your account through Face ID

In this app, you will also have facial recognition due to the means of identifying the user.

You will be able to see that advanced security mechanisms have been adopted to ensure that the user’s data and information are secure inside the application.

Another particular feature that is being used throughout the world is of QR payments and these are supported by the UBL Mobile Banking App.

You can Download the UBL Digital App on Android and Ios.