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Prior this year, two budget 800CC hatchbacks hit the neighborhood advertise to require over the space emptied by the ceased Mehran Sovereign Pearl and Joined together Bravo.

The dispatch of the Pearl has been pushed to January following year and the Bravo has gotten a number of overhauls inside months of its dispatch due to quality concerns.

Some Specialties Of Bravo Cars

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Engine
  • Safety
  • Price


The Bravo will now come in six new colors including:

  • Maroon metallic,
  • Beige metallic,
  • Royal blue,
  • Grey metallic,
  • Silver metallic,
  • White.

The entryway handles will moreover coordinate the color of your choosing together with matching side mirrors.

It is germane to point out that the first Bravo didn’t have space for a save wheel but presently that’s a thing of the past and it’ll come with a save wheel.

Indeed the texture and padding of the seats have been enhanced to supply consolation for the long drives. These changes were much required and are invited, it is nice to know that Joined together took client criticism and acted on it.

The greatest disadvantage of owning the Bravo was the need for a save tire. It too gives the Bravo an edge over Alto as Suzuki’s best-seller as it encompassed a tire repair kit. As for the coordinating entryway handles and mirrors, they offer assistance to give the car a more modern see that looks more satisfying to the eye. More imperativelythis is often standard these days.


The sound separator has been improved to assist give a distant smoother and quiet ride, The raise seats have been improved as well with the assistance of more headroom and extra lean back within the seats that will advantage the posture.

The seating has been made superior with way better texture and cushioning to supply a distant more comfortable ride. All these changes have been exhausted to arrange to upgrade the ride encounter of the travelers.


There had been reports of vibrations within the Bravo and agreeing to the company, these have been settled alongside improved introductory increasing speed and fuel efficiency.

Furthermore, tuning in to the requests of the clients, the company has includedmotor shield and a charcoal canister.


There have been changes to the bodywork to supply extra security to the clients by making it sturdier, The entryways have been fitted with extra plastic claddings.

Price In Pakistan

Agreeing to reports, the changes were made after the company locked in numerous nearby merchants as they were able to supply the parts on an opportune premise and at a cheaper cost.

United Bravo presently encompasses a cost tag of PKR 985,000 and the company points to legitimize the increment with these upgrades.

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